How To Detail A Car The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

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How To Detail A Car The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Learning how to detail your car will not only reduce the chance of damage, but coffs harbour car detailing will also enhance its appearance and resale value. But, before you dive in, it’s essential to know the right products to use and the correct step-by-step guide. And, if you’re a beginner, you need to know what not to do, as well. Here are some tips for starting your detailing career:

Clay bar

A clay bar is a versatile car cleaning tool that removes contaminants and dirt from your car’s surface. It is a small, flexible tool made of synthetic materials with a sticky texture. It cleans and decontaminates your car’s body, restoring its shine and luster. It is also useful for decontaminating and cleaning your windows. Here are some tips to use a clay bar for car detailing. Use the right amount of clay for your car’s paint:

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Paint depth gauge

When you are detailing a car, it is essential to have the right tool to measure the depth of the paint on the car. If you use the wrong tool, you could end up damaging thousands of dollars of paint. Having the right paint thickness gauge is an essential part of car detailing. The most accurate paint thickness gauge is the Eray SR-A770, which comes in both green and grey color options. It has an excellent measuring range (0-2000um) and is accurate to 0.001 mils. The price of this tool is a little on the high side, but it will save you from thousands of dollars in damage.


When vacuuming your car after detailing, you should start with the interior floor mats. While you can vacuum the carpet with a standard attachment, vacuuming the interior will remove dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas like the dashboard and cupholders. Make sure you vacuum the seats as well, as they may have more dirt than you think. Vacuuming the car inside can also help you remove dust and debris that sits in crevices.

Wipe down all surfaces

Before starting detailing your car, make sure that all personal accessories have been removed. The sun and heat can cause the soap and water to dry too quickly, which can leave streaks and stubborn water spots. To avoid these problems, work indoors in the shade or in a garage, and avoid detailing the car outside. The exterior surfaces should be cool as well. This will minimize the risk of marring the paint and make the detailing process easier.

Polish rims

Whether your rims are chrome or steel, cleaning them is a necessary part of car detailing. Chrome rims should be thoroughly rinsed before polishing them. You can use a soft brush to clean the rims around the lug nuts and in the cavity. If your rims are coated, you should use a non-acidic alloy wheel cleaner and a soft brush to polish them.

Clean windows

While detailing a car, you will need to clean the windows. The exterior windows should be cleaned first as they tend to accumulate more dirt than the interior windows. Clean the windows with a damp cloth in circular motions. For the interior windows, use a microfiber cloth or cotton rag. If you aren’t sure what type of window cleaner to use, you can try isopropyl alcohol. However, you should be careful not to use too much of the product on the windows.